How to start / stop / restart your core via ssh command line

In order for the WoW server to run, the authserver and worldserver executable programs must be kept running.

1. To connect to your server (via Putty), click me if you don't know how to.
2) Once inside, run the command  first to clear any existing screen sessions:
killall -9 worldserver; killall -9 authserver; killall -9 screen; screen -wipe;

3. Navigate to your core's executables location by typing this default path "cd /home/root/server/bin" without double quotes then press enter. (then follow the instructions on Authserver and Worldserver below).

1) To start your authserver, type "screen -S authserver /./home/root/server/bin/authserver" but do not include the double quotes (then press Ctrl A+D to detach from the screen then run the worldserver )
2) To stop your authserver, type "killall -9 authserver"

NOTE: Double quotes are not included.
1) To start your worldserver, type "screen -S worldserver
/./home/root/server/bin/worldserver" but do not include the double quotes (then press Ctrl A+D to detach from the screen )
2) To stop your worldserver, type "killall -9 worldserver" 


1) To detach your screen from the running world server or authserver just press "Ctrl A+D"

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