Anti-DDoS 1

Protect a single website

$250 50.00/mo

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  • 1 Domain
  • 120 Gbps Mitigation
  • Layer 4 & 7 Protection
  • CDN Free
  • Port Flood Protection
Anti-DDoS 2

Protects 2 websites

$400 100.00/mo

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  • 2 Domains
  • 240 Gbps Mitigation
  • Layer 4 & 7 Protection
  • CDN Free
  • Port Flood Protection

Protects all your websites

$800 150.00/mo

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  • All Domains in the server
  • 360 Gbps Mitigation
  • Layer 4 & 7 Protection
  • CDN Free
  • Port Flood Protection

DDoS Protection Features

Custom Page Rules

If your website's specific url is only being targetted, our custom page rules allow to put filters to drop all requests from reaching a specific url.

Traffic Scrubbing

When mitigation mode is enabled, your traffic gets rerouted to a scrubbing center to filter out bad traffic. It will then allow legitimate users to your website.


You can easily put a hard lockdown on your website by implementing a strict captcha rule. This prevents botnets from easily reaching your website.

Accurate Detection Rate

False positive packet detection are quite common during mitigation. Our up-to-date algorithms solves inaccurate detections.

Cost Effective

Each downtime caused by DDoS surely affects your business revenue. With our DDoS Protection, your websites will withstand these types of attacks swiftly.

Expert assistance

Our systems engineers are available 24/7 via LiveChat & Ticketing channels should you require any assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

It will cause downtime to your website.
During this state your website will no longer be accessible in the internet as the attack has saturated your overall resources.

To fix this, easily ping us through our LiveChat support and we will get you protected to bring your website back online.

Yes you do and if you're going to ask us, DDoS protection should be a requirement when establishing websites online.

Most businesses do not take DDoS protection seriously until they experience a huge financial loss because of the downtime from the attacks.

Learning from the mistakes of others is not just a wise move but a smart one.

That is definitely not a problem. All you have to do is update your website's "A record" and point it to the DDoS protected IP address that we will provide you.

If you are an existing customer, please contact us via LiveChat so we can check it because there can be other causes and not just by DDoS. If you are hosted on a different provider, please contact your host's support staff instead.

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